Pikachu and Headphones Draw Tutorial

Pikachu and Headphones Draw Tutorial

Step 1:

Pikachu and Headphones Draw Tutorial

Simple to follow, simply make two circular shapes. The one for your head, and one for the body. Make a sketch of the facial guidelines and then you’re done.

Step 2:

With the two guides we’ve just created, start sketching the form of Pikachu’s body , which is sitting.

Step 3:

Give Pikachu his hands, arms as well as his other leg.

Step 4:

The only thing you need to do is draw the cute facial expression of his which is all oval eyes, his adorable nose, and finally his smile. Remember to draw cheeks.

Step 5:

Draw in the headphones. Be patient so that they look in the right way. The headphones are designed to resemble an arc of clouds with rainbows at the end. This is the most effective method to describe how to draw Pikachu’s headphones.

Step 6:

All you have to do is draw his ears and the electric bolt tail, and then erase any mistakes and guide lines.

Step 7:

Here’s the thing. Pikachu wearing headphones. Color him in prior to showing others who you’ve drawn.

Drawing a Punk Face and Headphones

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