One Point Perspective Room Drawing Tutorial – Step by Step

This step-by-step guide will show you the steps to draw rooms using one point in perspective. This example shows an apartment, however, the same principle could be used to draw other rooms that have various furniture and objects.

One Point Perspective Room Drawing Tutorial – Step by Step


This tutorial is helpful in drawing backgrounds for manga or anime but can also be applied to other styles of art.

Room drawing in one-point perspective

About One Point Perspective

One point perspective refers to a point that disappears. A vanishing point is that point where the objects in drawings change into dots or disappear in the distance.

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Before You Begin Drawing

If you’re going to draw on paper, ensure that you draw clear lines that you are able to easily erase.

If you are drawing digitally you have more options but overall you will usually want to erase the guidelines/perspective lines after each step as well as the parts of the objects that will be covered by other objects.

Step 1 – Drawing the Room

One point perspective room drawing back wall

Then draw the horizontal line that will represent your eye’s level. The eye level represents the height of the viewer’s eyes with respect to the background (also called the horizontal line). The point of vanishing will be situated directly along this line and will be within the centrality of your sketch.

Then sketch on the wall behind (a rectangular shape in this instance). From the point of vanishing draw straight lines through the corners of that rectangle until you reach the edges of your drawing. Remove the lines of perspective inside the wall rectangle once you’re finished (leave the horizontal line).


It is recommended to draw a diagram of empty space.

Step 2 – Drawing the Objects/Furniture in the Room

One point perspective drawing background furniture

To properly place each of the objects in a complete manner, sketch out the outline of each object, even when it is partially obscured by other objects within the room.

Drawing basic objects in a one-point perspective

Begin by drawing the furniture and objects to the rear part of the space. For these specific examples, simply draw the front part of the object. Then extend the perspective lines to every corner. Then draw-back shape was drawn based on the perspective lines.

One point perspective drawing furniture

Continue drawing the overall shape of furniture within the room until you have placed all the important furniture items. Don’t draw in the specifics. First, you must correctly mark all the important forms to avoid having to erase or delete more work than you’re required to do in the event of mistakes.

One point perspective drawing computer desk

Draw on the desk.

One point perspective drawing computer monitor

Create the monitor for your computer after you’ve drawn all the furniture.

Step 3 – Drawing The Computer Chair

One point perspective drawing computer chair base and seat

Draw the shape of the front that the chair (sort of like the shape of a silhouette). Next, project perspective lines onto that, and then sketch the rear side of the chair based on the front.

Drawing curves in perspective

Make use of the illustration above to place the round corners on the bottom or back side of your chair.

One point perspective drawing computer chair legs

Make the legs of your chair. Draw a type sketch of an outline on the first line of the legs.

One point perspective drawing computer chair backrest

Draw the backrest again by drawing the front form and projecting perspective lines onto it.


One point perspective drawing computer chair backrest attachment placement

Draw the part that joins the backrest of the seat by drawing it first with sharp edges.

One point perspective drawing computer chair backrest attachment

Include the rounded corners, and take out the lines.

Step 4 – Draw the Details of The Objects in the Room

One point perspective drawing furniture details

Use the perspective guideline to position the furniture’s features.

One point perspective drawing cupboard doors

For drawing the doorways of the cupboard (or actually, to properly put the line of separation between them) Draw the “x” shape on the doors across the one to the left. The place where they intersect will be the boundary line between them.

One point perspective drawing cupboard door handles

To put the doors of the cabinet it is first necessary to draw a tiny in-perspective rectangle over the doors. Draw the sections of the door handles placed on the edges of this rectangle.

One point perspective drawing cupboard sliding doors

Make the sliding door appear again drawing them using perspective lines.

Step 5 – Draw The Details of the Bed

One point perspective drawing bed

On the basis of the form and shape rectangular placeholder prism (3d rectangle) Draw the bed.

Cut off the corners and fold them inwards.

Step 6 – Drawing the Window & Curtains

Drawing the window and curtains

Then draw the window and the curtains.

The curtains and window do not really need a perspective drawing, in this situation, you could simply draw them the way you see them.



The art of drawing from a perspective can be extremely difficult and time-consuming however it’s essential to be proficient if you wish to become a professional artist. Manga and anime are not an exception. If you learn perspective drawing, it can make your drawings appear much more attractive by giving a 2-dimensional image the illusion of depth.

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