Michael myers drawing

Start by drawing the guide for the face shape then sketch in the facial guidelines. Using the shape begin sketching out the actual facial structure of Michael Myers mask. Draw the hairline which is a simple dip, then proceed to step three.

Michael myers drawing

Use the facial guidelines then draw the shapes of the hollow eyes. Add markings around the eyes which are the brows. You will also need to sketch in the indents on each side of the head or temple.

Here you will sketch in the nose, then draw the mouth or upper lip, then sketch in the cheeks, chin arch, and then dimples on the jawline.

You will finish off the mask by sketching out the hair and ears. Add detailing to the ears, then detail the hair.

Lastly, sketch out the wide shaped neck, then draw the shoulders and the shirt collar line. Add detailing to the neck as well as on the shirt. Erase your mistakes then you are done.

Michael myers drawing Picture



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