Luffy Drawing Step by Step Tutorial

You are able to follow the step-by-step drawing tutorial below.

Step: 1 . Draw the circle

Luffy Drawing Step by Step Tutorial

This is the initial step in drawing This Luffy drawing. Do you guys know the name of Luffy’s alternate? The name is Monkey D. Luffy. Also, he’s popularly known as “Straw Hat”. The character is fictional and the main character in the One Piece Manga series, developed by Eiichiro Oda. Let’s return to the first step. All you need to do is to draw a large rough circle to represent the exterior structure of the face of the character.

Step 2: Draw the lines that intersect.

Now, guys, this is the second step needed to draw the Luffy drawing. First, you need to draw a horizontal line that cuts the middle of the circle. Then cut the circle on both ends of the circle’s circumference.

Then, create two lines horizontally as seen in this picture above. tiny vertical lines as you can see in the above image below.

Step: 3 Draw eyes

This is the third step needed to draw the picture. In this step, we draw the eyes of the character. Draw circles for the right eye, then draw an eye circle. The left eye. Once you’ve drawn your circles draw a small circular shape in both eyes. Shade the circle as you see in the above image. Now that we’re halfway through the drawing. Let’s continue to the fourth step.

Step 4 Draw Luffy’s nose and mouth.

Then, this is the fourth way to draw the drawing. This step is where you will need to draw rough guidelines that define the eyebrows of the person as well as the part of the lips. First, create an oblique line over the right eye of the character and an oblique one on the left eye of the character. after that, you need to draw guide lines for the lips, as you will observe in the previous step.

Step 5 Draw Luffy’s hair

You are now on the fifth step of drawing this image. In this step, you need to create the hairstyles for the character. The hair of this character is curly with wavy edges and is a bit grassy. Let’s start on the left side. Once you’ve drawn your hair. You will need to draw the outline of the circle on both sides. Two sides, as you see in the image attached at this point.

Step 6: Luffy Drawings made

The final step, and the sixth to draw the drawing. firstly, sketch the shoulder as well as the clothing he’s wearing. It could be a jacket, or whatever. Once you’ve finished, draw the drawing. draw. With a black pencil After sketching your drawing, you may color it, or it’s up to you. I hope you’ve learned and appreciated making this drawing.

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