How To Sketch A Mouth Step by Step || Lips Drawing

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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How To Sketch A Mouth Step by Step || Lips Drawing

Step 1

Begin by sketching the contours. Draw with a light touch so you are able to erase it if you have any errors. This process shouldn’t have to be difficult as long as you’re able to clearly be able to see the lower and upper lip. The upper lip tends to be more narrow and bow-shaped whereas your lower lips are broader. You can add lines to the lips to reveal the wrinkles.

Step 2
Add some color around the lip. Make sure to keep the middle region whiter (especially around your lower lips). This is where reflections will be.

Step 3
Due to the scribbles the lips might appear somewhat messy. Mix the graphite, and do not worry about wrinkles disappearing. You are able to draw them again.

Step 4
Repeat the previous two steps. 1. Add graphite to the surface. 2. Graphite blending. Continue this process until you are content with the shade. You can add more layers to specific areas, if they need the need to get darker. The best way to enhance the appearance of texture is to draw each layer in the exact direction as wrinkles.

Step 5
Here is where we’ll provide additional details. Utilize a pencil to draw darker the wrinkles. Make sure not to make them dark or make some wrinkles appear lighter than others. Use an eraser (preferably with points or corners for better sketching) and highlight them.

Step 6
Bring some shimmer to the lips’ skin. There’s typically a slight shadow beneath the lower lip. This can also darken the line that runs between the lower and upper lip. Also, there is an “philtrum” which is the two vertical lines that connect the lips and the nose.

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