Hello! Many people criticize us for not including Chibi themes in our drawing lessons. We decided to rectify the situation. As a result, you can see the drawing lesson. In it, we will show you step-by-step how to draw War Machines in Chibi style.


Step 1
We will first draw a head. As you can see the head is wider at the forehead than the mandible. We will also draw a cross-section of the lines between the faces. The vertical line represents facial symmetry. The horizontal line shows the location of the eyes.

Step 2
Next, draw the arms and legs. Pay attention to the proportions. The head should be longer than the total length of the body, arms, and legs.

Step 3
Now it’s time for you to draw your eyes. To get a clean image, erase the previous steps.

Step 4
This step is so detailed. Begin by drawing the area below the eyes. Next, draw the area above them. This will help you avoid getting confused by too many lines.

Step 5
This is the end of this post. We will now tell you how to draw the chibi War Machine. This step will show you how to outline the armor covering the body.

Step 6
Now we move on to the final step. Draw the armor covering the arms and legs. Chibi drawing lessons have a nice bonus: you don’t have to draw your fingers or feet. This is really a good thing because it makes drawing the feet, palms, and fists very difficult.

Dear readers, this was the first tutorial on Chibi drawing. This is why it may seem a little strange. We have lots of Chibi in our plans. We are grateful for your attention.

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