Hello, dear comic book enthusiasts. Today, we will show you the drawing Toad Perhaps one of the most powerful supervillains in The Marvel Universe.


Step 1
The toad does not have the best physique, but there is some weight and his head is drawn into his neck. This must be displayed in the very first stage of sketching. Therefore, we first draw an oval-shaped head as well as an elongated spine. On this, we draw out the thorax and pelvis. Then, at the end of the step, draw slightly bent legs and arms with simple lines.

Step 2
Let’s add some weight to the face of the supervillain. First, we sketch those lines of symmetry on the face. This helps us sketch the specifics of the facial features. After that, we sketch out the torso, which is rounded, and the pelvis. Then, with the aid of circles, draw knees and shoulders, and using simple geometric shapes sketch out the legs and arms. In the final step, sketch all the hands and feet.

Step 3
Let’s start with the most basic characteristics of our toad. The first step is to sketch out the hair that is disheveled. Then, sketch the mouth and nose. On the shoulders, sketch the dentate elements of clothing that are typical of that of the Middle Ages. Then, we sketch out your belt as well as shoes as illustrated in our example.

Step 4
In the next step, we’ll work on the final aspects of The Toad drawing. First, draw the hairstyle of our villain. Then, draw some eyes and eyebrows that are crazy over the eyes.

Step 5
Let’s go a bit lower and focus on the specifics that make up the physique of our Toad. Take care to draw the specifics of the clothing, then fold in some lines and make the lines clean and dark. Eliminate all unneeded guidelines from the body.

Step 6
Then let’s go towards the arms. Carefully draw the arms, making many folds along the areas of the elbows and armpits. Then draw the hand (in order to understand more about this, check out our tutorial on drawing the hands). Also, in the last step, remove all lines that are not needed from the arms.

Step 7
We’ll now focus on the lower portion of our antagonist. Like in the previous step, draw the outline for the lower legs. Take into consideration the knees, muscles, and joints. Next, you should draw out the shoes and remove all unnecessary lines that are drawn on the legs.

Step 8
The final step in all of our drawing classes is that we will always include shadows. Because this is an illustration character from comic books Shadows must be drawn in a comic-book style that is black and contrast. The dark shadows are drawn by using this method – first we draw the outline of the shadows, and then paint them out. The light shadows are drawn by hatching.

In this drawing class, we demonstrated ways to draw Toad in Marvel Comics. Check out the category “Comics” in which you can discover a variety of amazing drawing lessons.


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