Welcome to 3dvkarts. There are a number of drawing tutorials devoted to various types of clothing and accessories, such as glasses or bags. However, we do not have a drawing lesson about something as basic as slippers. So today, we decided to rectify the situation and created an instructional video on drawing slippers.


Step 1
First, sketch the basic outline of some of the most comfortable footwear on the planet. It will appear like two ovals, which have flat, flat sides.

Step 2
We can now give some general ideas. In the lower part of the ovals, draw out the outlines of the solutions. Two simple lines are used to cut off the top and bottom of the slippers.

Step 3
In this portion of the drawing lesson on how to draw slippers, we remove all unnecessary guidelines and ensure that the lines remain clean and precise.

Step 4
Whatever we draw, whether a bag or dog In the final step we always include shadows in our drawings. Also, always apply shadows to the slippers by hatching.

We believe that it was not as hard as it might seem. However, if you’re looking for something more complex, check out our instructional videos on Santa Claus or Flash from DC. Remember that there are pages for us on every social network. Find us on Facebook sign up, follow us and send our tutorials to a acquaintance.


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