How to Draw Sleeping Beauty Step by Step

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

Step 1

How to Draw Sleeping Beauty Step by Step

This is the easy step. You will begin by drawing the shapes and instructions to create the mannequin frame. Begin by drawing an oblong head shape. Next, draw guidelines for the eyes. Next, draw her sexy body.

Step 2

Next, curl her bangs. Shape her nose and forehead. After you are done, draw the shapes for her almond-shaped eyes. Next, create the indented neckline of her skirt. You can add shapes to her arms, then draw finger lines. Add some curves to her waist, and then add dress lines like the one shown here.

Step 3

This tutorial is quite simple so far. Next, add more lining to her long blonde hair. Then curl it. From her collar, then shape the bottom of her dress. You can add some detail to her waist, and then you can thicken her arms and fingers.

Step 4

Guess what? You’ve done your final drawing. Now you need to paint her eyes and give her fuller lips. Add a tiara to her hairstyle. Next, outline details for her upper chest and neck. Then, trace vertical lines along the front of the dress. Finally, sew the bottom as shown. All the lines and principles that you created in step 1 will be erased.

Step 5

Once you are done, your Princess will look like this. Now you can color her. This is how you draw Sleeping Beauty, Princess Aurora. I hope you had fun and keep checking for more great drawing lessons.

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