How To Draw Rey From Star Wars Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

How to Draw Kylo Ren from Star Wars

How To Draw Rey From Star Wars Step by Step

Draw a circle that is the right size to trace the face/head path, then outline the guide for your face. Also, draw the contour of your body.

Step 2
Determine the shape of Rey’s face and draw a first liner for her hair, which is constantly pulled back. Lay a few pieces of hair loosely on the base of the face.

Step 3.
Draw Rey’s hairline, and curls pulled back. Paint on her ears.

Step 4
Let’s begin with the face. Make use of the facial guidelines in drawing the eyes of Rey using chibi or in a style. The pupils should be filled in, and draw long, thick lashes. Make wrinkles on the nose, mouth and forehead.

Step 5
Now, begin with the right side, and draw the cape of Rey. Layer the gown as well as draw the arms chibi. After that then draw the pole, and then add details to it.

Step 6
Put a bandage on her arm. Then, draw it around her waist.

Step 7
To draw the final stage, all you have be able to draw is the pants on the pants , and the related details. Make sure to draw your footwear or your feet. Remove all mistakes and instructions after you’ve completed your drawing.

Step 8
It’s over, you’re done. The next step is to color Rey using vibrant shades.

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