How to draw Randall from Monsters inc

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

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How to draw Randall from Monsters inc

Next, we’ll draw Randall’s bottom half. Then, we’ll add round eyes. Next, add wrinkles to each eye.

Step 2
Next, draw Randall’s mischievous smile and his toothy grin. After that, add detail to Randall’s eyes by drawing the eyeballs and eyelids.

Step 3
Randall’s head can be completed by adding three frills to the top. You can see that one is longer than another and that one is the shortest.

Step 4
Let’s focus on Randall’s body, starting with his neck and torso. Then we can draw his arms, legs and hands. Randall’s body posture is always slithering downward.

Step 5
Next, draw the belly. Randall looks almost like a salamander, but has a few extra arms and feet/hands.

Step 6
Continue to step seven by drawing on the other leg, foot, and hand.

Step 7
This is the final step in your drawing. You will need to draw Randall’s rear end, then draw Randall’s tail, last leg and paws. You can erase any mistakes to improve the drawing.

Step 8
This is it. You’re done. Now, color him and display your work.

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