One of the most popular subjects in drawing classes is animation. we’re trying to develop as many interesting and fresh lessons in this area as we can. Today we will demonstrate the art of drawing Princess Mononoke one of the characters in the anime of the same name.


Step 1
Let’s draw The Princess Mononoke from the Skeletal skeleton. We begin by drawing an oval to represent the head and a straight outline of the spine. In this line, we sketch out the chest as well as the pelvis. By drawing simple lines we draw the legs and arms.

Step 2
Let’s add more volume to our drawing of Princess Mononoke. We first draw two lines to simplify drawing facial characteristics. Next, we sketch out both the neck as well as the torso contours. By using simple geometric shapes, we draw the outline of the legs and arms that make up Princess Mononoke.

Step 3
The next step is to draw the simplest elements of the sketch. By using very light lines we sketch the specifics of the hair and face of Princess Mononoke. Then, move on to the body, drawing the outline of the clothes as well as a dagger in the palm. In our next stage, we’ll employ contrast and dark lines.

Step 4
Let’s get started on the final specifics of the drawing of Princess Mononoke. Start by drawing the head. Begin by gently drawing the outline of the nose, eyes, and mouth. Then draw your outline for a smaller down face, ears, and hair. Eliminate all of the unneeded instructions for drawing the Princess Mononoke design.

Step 5
This process will be simple as there will be only a few lines. First, we sketch the outline for the neck. Then we draw the outline of the torso taking into consideration all the curves of your body beneath the clothes. Then we draw the outline of the back’s fur as well as the necklace around the neck.

Step 6
The next stage of the course on drawing Princess Mononoke will be more simple than the previous. Draw the precise outline of the visible arm where you will find the razor-sharp dagger is held. Take any useless guidelines out of the arms San and move on to step seven.

Step 7
In continuation along the lines that define the upper torso, gently draw the contours that make up your skirt. Then, with the help of lines that are smooth, draw both the feet and legs. Then, fold in the appropriate folds on the shoe’s surface and eliminate any unneeded instructions from the drawing of Princess Mononoke.

Step 8
The shadows used in the drawing lesson on the art of drawing princess Mononoke will be drawn in a traditional anime style.

This lesson is part of the drawing tutorials available on the Anime section of the website. Check out this section to learn how to draw the other characters from manga and anime.

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