How To Draw Pascal Step by Step || Cartoon Gecko

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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How To Draw Pascal Step by Step || Cartoon Gecko

Step 1

Before we dive into the major specifics, you’ll need prepare the foundations for the physique of Pascal. Pascal is a adorable Chameleon. Begin by drawing a huge circle, then draw a smaller circle that is behind this first circle. You must draw these lines as closely as you can as they’re your canvas. Whatever you draw to the skeleton will result in an approximate outcome.

Step 2

The next step is drawing the basic headers for Pascal. This may take some time for sketching because it’s a long task to tackle.

Step 3

Draw your outline for the human body. Make sure to follow the drawing tutorials you did earlier. Make sure to take your time and things could get fast if you make a mistake once or twice.

Step 4

Then draw the limbs and note the distance between them. Always reference this reference in the drawing in order to determine your Pascal drawing. There are only three toes in Pascal, so you shouldn’t draw too much!

Step 5

Then, add pupils and iris to our adorable Pascal and some other finishing elements! Make sure that you draw his scales on his eyebrows and face!

Slope 6

Here’s your final result after you’ve completed your drawing! Utilize a micrometer pen to paint the ink. You can then consider using markers (preferably using a duplicate) as well as colored pencils for the Pascal. Thank you for reading this tutorial I hope you had fun!

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