Good afternoon! Today we will tell you about drawing Ozymandias that come from Watchmen.


Step 1
We will first draw the head of a stickman. With an oval shape, sketch the head. With smooth and light lines, trace the spine, arms, and legs. Do not forget the very important rule: the height of a middle age man is the same as 7 human heights.

Step 2
In this process, you increase the volume of the upper section that is the body. The major components of the body appear to be simple geometric forms. The neck looks like a small cylinder (we see only a portion of the cylindrical structure). The torso must be slim from top to the bottom. The pelvis is shaped like an equilateral triangle.

Don’t forget to draw two lines on your face.

Step 3
We created an approximate model that resembled our heroes. Draw the outline of the belt and mantle. In addition, this belt is quite like that of the Scorpion belt of Mortal Combat.

Step 4
Let’s draw the major elements. Do not draw too many details. It is possible to reduce the drawing of facial features by using many lines, as shown in our example. Most important is not to confuse their locations.

Step 5
In this section, we’ll draw a collar that is rounded. It is also important that we draw 2 rims which must be placed along one of the sides.

Step 6
It’s an easy step where we draw the muscles of the chest and arms. It’s a great drawing exercise. You don’t have to face any issues drawing the palms of the person.

Step 7
Let’s sketch the legs and belt in full detail.

Step 8
We are now waiting for the final part of the course of drawing comic characters. As you will see, in this stage we draw shadows.

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