How To Draw Ox From Uglydolls

The basic step-by-step drawing guide that follows

Step 1
Draw the Ox’s body as a reference Then follow the instructions for the body and face.

How To Draw Ox From Uglydolls


Step 2
Then, you can define the form of the Ox however, leave room for hands, ears and feet.

Step 3
You can now draw feet, legs and arms, and even chunky hands.

Step 4
To draw the final process, you’ll have sketched a rabbit that is as long as the ears and later draws its eyes. Keep in mind that one eye is naked while the other eye is an X as it’s missing. Draw a smile and a hanging tongue. Eliminate any mistakes, then you’re finished.

Step 5
Ox here after you’re done. Then, take your green fill tool and bring him back to life.

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