How To Draw New York || Scenery of new york Drawing

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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How To Draw New York || Scenery of new york Drawing

New York is a city with a myriad of iconic buildings and landmarks. Few of them are more well-known in comparison to that of the Statue of Liberty.

This statue is what we’ll mostly focus on during the initial stage of the New York drawing tutorial.

Then, we sketch the right arm raised and then sketch the figure’s body.

These two areas have been shown as being covered by fabric, therefore we’ll use many curved lines when drawing these regions.

This is a way to give the appearance of the smacked-up fabric that is that is depicted by the statue. Then, you can begin sketching buildings on the left of the sculpture.

These buildings are full of details that aren’t obvious and you might want to focus on the reference image and then copy the exact layout as it appears in the reference image.

Step 2: Now draw the remainder of the statue.

In this next step to drawing your New York drawing, we’ll sketch the remainder portion of your Statue of Liberty you first started with in the first section.

For this, draw longer curved lines that connect. Utilizing the image as a reference to help you, you will be in a position to draw the rest of her body in this manner.

After the fabric parts are completed Draw a hand that is with the book in the right side, and then draw the arm that extends to the left. The hand is also able to hold the torch.

The last thing to incorporate in this stage will be the head of Lady Liberty. Lady Liberty has a very formal appearance as well as draw her pointed crown to top.

After you’ve covered all these elements We’ll then move to step 3.

Step 3: Draw additional cities

We’ve were focusing specifically on our focus on the Statue of Liberty in the earlier steps of this guide on drawing New York, and in the following steps, we’ll change the attention on the city itself.

The city is the most difficult part of this drawing since there are numerous smaller elements to consider.

Drawing isn’t race, therefore it is important to be patient and follow the drawing reference closely, you’ll be able to accomplish it!

You are now able to draw part of the bottom of smaller structures and structures that the taller towers will be on.

Start drawing higher structures to the right and left of the base, and move on to step 4.

Step 4: Next create some taller buildings to be used for the city

The next step in the New York drawing will see the addition of taller buildings to your drawing. These will also be very intricate and drawn in multiple sections.

Try to alter the building’s height in order to make the appearance of the city more realistic and lively.

Once the buildings are sketched, you’ll be able to add the final details and strokes in the following section of the instruction.

Step 5 – Add Final Details to Your New York Drawing

The rest parts of NYC in this section of our drawing New York tutorial. It will be the biggest and most detailed portion of the skyscrapers depicted.

It is also possible to employ a ruler to assist you trace the lines of the structure if you wish it to look more neat and organized.

After you’ve sketched all the areas of the city, you are able to add some specifics of your own!

It is possible to paint elements such as clouds to create some weather effects, or you can even incorporate other landmarks like vehicles or cars. What other ideas can you think of for the end of this picture?

Step 6: Finish Your New York drawing with color

The last step in the New York drawing will see you finish it off with some colors. In our image of reference we created an authentic look by making the colors more muted and grey with a few lighter blue hues.

You could choose the same color scheme, however, you could also put the dots of light color on the buildings if are looking for a nighttime setting.

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