How to Draw Mushu Easy

How to Draw a Guppy

Step 1:

How to Draw Mushu Easy

A simple lesson for you to learn here. Start with the outline shape of the body of the guppy and then draw the guidelines for the gill and tail.

Step 2:

Draw the exact form of the Guppy’s body in the same manner as well as make the shape of the mouth.

Step 3:

In this step, draw the circle to create the eyeball.

Step 4:

Then, color in the pupil to create the eyeball.

Step 5:

Then create the pectoral fin, which is the design of the gill, and then draw both the tail and dorsal fins. Pay attention to the shape they take. The flow is very smooth. You can add rib detail on the fins too and you can begin erasing errors and guide lines.

Step 6:

There’s nothing more to it when drawing an Guppy Fish. Choose a shade, and colour your guppy with.

How to Draw Mushu Easy

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