How To Draw Mulan Step by Step

The basic step-by-step drawing guide that follows

Step 1

How To Draw Mulan Step by Step

Let’s begin with a simple drawing of Magnolia. Begin with a circle, and follow the directions in the drawing on your face.

Step 2

Then, using the template you’ve created, draw the facial shape and draw the falling curls to one side of her face.

Step 3

We’ll be using the facial guide to create Mulan’s gorgeous eyes, as also her arched eyebrows and nose as well as her full, luscious lips.

Step 4

Make sure to draw the head shape that was created by the long, black locks. Note how I pulled my hair to a side.

Step 5

Then you can give Mulan an attractive neck, and erase any mistakes and errors.

Step 6

You are done. She is now waiting to be brought to come a life by adding a hue.

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