How to draw mountains

Here is an easy tutorial about how to draw mountains. It’s perfect for beginners. It teaches you how to add light and shadow to your drawings. It also teaches you how to have fun while you draw.
Mountains are very big and beautiful. They have been inspiring artists for thousands of years.

How to draw mountains

In real life mountains are really big. They are really tall. They are also really hard to draw. But this mountain is easy to draw. You can draw it by making a big line and then adding a jagged edge. Then you can color it with two different colors. One color for the light side and one color for the dark side. This will make it look like it has a shadow.

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In this page, I will show how to draw mountains. There are many ways of drawing mountains and I will describe few techniques here. Each technique gives a different feel for the mountain and is appropriate for drawing different type of landscapes. Pen and Ink is used as the drawing medium in tutorial below, but same concepts can be used with other mediums as well.
In this approach, draw an outline of mountains with distinct change in angle. These are called transition points. From here draw lines to create plains as shown below.

There are many beautiful creations in nature. One of them is the mountains. The mountains are so spectacular. People who love to draw scenery always want to draw the mountains.
But it can be hard for beginners to draw the ridges on the mountains. But now it’s easy. In this tutorial, I will show you three methods to draw mountains. And the ridges will look like real mountains.

Step by step How to draw mountains

  • Now I am going to draw this mountain. First I am going to pick a spot on the paper where I will be drawing it.
  • Draw a straight line that is horizontal. Then, draw two small straight lines that are vertical.
  • Draw a triangle shape for the outline of the mountain. Then start drawing lines from the top of the point of the mountain. Then slope down the lines. Draw these lines lightly, as they will be erased later.
  • Now turn the straight lines into curved lines. And erase the straight lines. Once you are done with drawing the curved lines and erasing the straight lines, now time to draw the snowflakes.

Now it is time to color it. Here I have used water color. Use a blender for making it lighter from the darker shade. Here I’ve used water brush pen to blend the color from darker to lighter.

Here you are done with the snowy mountains. This was the method number one of drawing it very easily. With just four easy steps. Now let us move on to method number two.


Some Drawing Mountain Picture


After learning all these steps, now it’s your turn to do it. If you have followed all the methods and exact steps of this tutorial of mountain drawing easily then congratulations to you.

In the drawing above, the mountains are drawn with a special marker. The mountains are all different. The mountains in the back are far away and the mountains in the front are close. The mountains in the back have a lot of trees and rocks. The mountains in the front have no trees and rocks. The mountains in the back are darker and lighter than the mountains in the front.

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