How To Draw Morrigan Aensland Darkstalkers

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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How To Draw Morrigan Aensland Darkstalkers

Begin with a circle for the head, and then draw the lining to create the shoulders, arms , and the torso in the same manner. Morrigan stood straight and leaning back slightly. Include face guides and continue.

Step 2
The first thing to draw is an outline of the shape of her face, and begin drawing her bangs in the beginning. The bangs are separated and directed.

Step 3
With a face guide you sketched in the first step, begin drawing the form of her eyes. You’ll then draw the eyebrows. The upper part of her eyelid must be strong and bold. Make sure to add lashes and then add simple a dash to the mouth and nose.

Step 4
What you’ll do is draw Morrigan’s long straight hair that is blowing into the breeze. Her hair’s ends are separated so that she positions these shorter pieces closer to her face.

Step 5
The only thing you have to do is draw an outline of her shoulders, neck and her top portion of her torso, which also defines the shape that her breasts take. You may also draw a portion parts of her left arm and draw a line across her arm that is part of her upper.

Step 6
Sketch the opposite side and be sure that the size isn’t too big. The character of Morrigan is said to have large breasts. Once you’ve finished, begin drawing the upper lapels . Once you’re done, you will see that the lining appears soft, like feathers. Draw a sketch of her collarbone as well as a portion from the mucosa of breast close to the armpit.

Step 7
Simply draw her left arm and hand as this, and then place that point on top of her hand , as part of the socks.

Step 8
You will then do the same thing by drawing the right arm of her However, as you see , the hand is missing in the image. Make sure to add some more definition to her socks and then proceed to step 9.

Step 9
There’s only one more step to go. Draw a line around her body, and as you can see, this posture is extremely sexually active. Make sure your hips are large and the waist is lifted. There’s a gouged heart on top and this will create an opening that exposes her flesh.

Step 10
Finally, you’ll be required draw both sets of wings. I’ll begin with the smaller ones first and observe how they resemble bats. Draw tiny wings the sides of her head. after that, draw demon wings over her back like they do. Remove all lines and shapes you created in step one.

Step 11
This is how the demon’s girl is going to look like once you’re finished. You can now paint her in order to really make her design shine. I hope you enjoyed creating Morrigan of Darkstalker.

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