How to Draw Max from The Grinch || Cartoon Dog Drawing

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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How to Draw Max from The Grinch || Cartoon Dog Drawing

Begin by drawing the muzzle of Max first, then some foreheads, and then the nose and eye shapes.

Step 2
Once you’ve finished, you’re able to then draw the remainder of the muzzle. Then the jaw, teeth, and tongue. Be patient and make the drawing as perfect as you can. You can draw the nose by drawing nostrils and then draw the real eyeballs. Complete this step

Step 3.
Let’s get started to draw the long, floppy ears. Once you’ve finished then you can draw the collar of his dog.

Step 4
The head of Max was his famous giraffe bigger than him, and secured to his head using rope. You can draw the next one in the following section. After you’ve finished that then draw jingle bells onto the collar of his pet.

Step 5
We will begin drawing the body of Max. Start with his chest, and then draw the feet and legs in front. Then, sketch the back arch and then the hind legs and belly.

Step 6
Last step everyone. All you have to draw is Max’s shaggy tail, and then draw his hind legs, and the remaining feet. Make sure to erase any mistakes before adding details to coats and furs.

Step 7
It’s over, you’re done. We hope that you’ve had a blast with this Max Drawing lesson in The Grinch.

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