How to draw Mavis from Hotel transylvania

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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How to draw Mavis from Hotel transylvania

Begin by drawing the shape and body guides to create frames for Mavis the body. The head’s shape is round. The body and bottom are round.

Step 2
In this case, you’ll be using hair’s shape in order to draw the outline on Mavis’s face. Once you’ve finished it’s time to draw the hairstyle, starting with the ebangs that are secondary. Note how the bangs are formed to form an angle.

Step 3.
Begin by drawing her face. the most noticeable thing on her face is her blue eyes. Draw them in. When you’re done you can draw her black smile, then draw her nose.

Step 4
Finalizing Mavis’s hair. It’s not very long, but it’s not even short. It’s medium in length. Include the eye bags to the back, and make sure to add the form of her shoulders and neck. Don’t be scared to outline her hair in fine detail.

Step 5
We can now begin to work to improve her posture. Draw her hands, arms as well as some on the back. Don’t rush, take your time. hurry. Draw the sleeves as well.

Step 6
Mavis wears a single-piece dress and you can sketch the dress’s length after that draw Mavis’s long slim legs. Note how they cross over one another for an enthralling posture.

Step 7
Complete the body by paint Mavis as well as Converse sneakers with red. At this point they appear more like socks.

Step 8
You can now turn those socks in Converse and your legs into leggings with stripes. Simple instructions and clear errors.

Step 9
Mavis is fun to color and I’m sure you’ll enjoy coloring Mavis as well. This is it, you’ve finished the drawing of Mavis in Hotel Transylvania. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Make sure to share your completed piece of art and make a note telling me what you think about this course or any other tutorials you come across.

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