How To Draw King Ghidorah Step by Step

The basic step-by-step drawing guide that follows

Step 1
Begin by drawing a guide and a guideline for the frame for Ghidorah. 3 circles per head, and an egg-like design for the body. Include guides for the legs and the face.

How To Draw King Ghidorah Step by Step

Step 2
Sart created the snout as well as the lower row of teeth. Draw cheeks and then add tiny details.


Step 3
In this stage, you’ll complete the initial part by drawing your eyebrows that form the horns. Then, draw the frills, or horns, on the back of the jaw or face. After that, you will draw the bottom of your mouth, and then draw the lower row of teeth, along with the tongue.

Step 4
The second one can be seen from a 3/4 perspective. Begin with the outside and work your way upwards. You’re drawing the same face but at the opposite angle.

Step 5
Make the teeth and tongue for the final head.

Step 6
The third end is beneath the second. It is the same way to create this third head for King Ghidorah exactly the way you did the other two. Teeth aren’t as visible at this point, but everything else has identical in shape.

Step 7
The next step is to move on to the body. Begin by drawing the neck of the three heads. Then sketch a portion of the chest. It will be then the feet and legs. Add the claw’s and toes and sketch some details of texture for the leg.

Step 8
In the end, you’ll be able to create the winged arms, and then the two tails, which are visible at the rear of King Ghidorah’s body. The wings’ tips are clawed as well to add to the overall look. Once you’re finished, you are able to begin cleaning up the design and getting rid of any errors as well as instructions.

Step 9
You’re done. Now, you can enjoy making King Ghidorah. I hope you had a great time. Make sure to leave a comment, share, and share this lesson to let others know about this lesson is useful. Ghidorah sketch lesson.

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