We will continue with creating the X-Men. In this drawing tutorial, we’ll show what to draw Jean Grey.


Step 1
Like many other tutorials on drawing, we begin by drawing the stickman off the character. The first step is to draw an oval head and beneath this oval the line that outlines the spine. Along this line, we trace the contours of the pelvis and thorax. It is important that the pelvis be bigger than the shoulders. This is an aspect of female figures.

With normal lines, you can draw the legs and arms. Remember that the lines drawn at the beginning of the process should be extremely light, even translucent.

Step 2
In this next step, we’ll bring more definition to the face of Jean Grey. We begin by drawing two lines that intersect in the facial area. Then, we outline an elegant neck as well as the shape of the torso. It slims down around the waist, and then after that, it widens up to the hips. Then, draw thin legs and arms. Make sure to follow the curves and shapes that we have seen in the picture.

Step 3
Then, we can add the principal information. Begin by sketching the facial features with simple lines. Then, draw the lines of hair that are long and wriggling. Use Jean’s left hand to serve as an example. Then we draw out the fabric, which is at the waist.

Step 4
Then we can begin to draw the details with final dark lines. Then we start from the head. The first step is to use precise lines, and draw out the nose, eyes, and lips. Next, draw the facial contours. With wavy lines, create voluminous hairstyles. When we have completed the procedure, eliminate any unnecessary guidance from the hair.

Step 5
It’s time to sketch the figure’s torso. With curved lines, carefully draw the breasts, the contours of the lower chest, and the rectus abdominal muscle. Eliminate all unnecessary guidelines and draw lines of clothing along the torso, taking into consideration the body’s shape underneath the clothing.

Step 6
Then we go towards those arms that belong to Jean Grey. We sketch the outline of gloves and arms and erase the guidelines of the area to create a clean image. Be sure to go through this drawing tutorial on drawing hands and hands. It makes working with ease.

Step 7
We draw a piece of cloth that is placed at the waist, with all folds visible in our photo. Then, you can carefully sketch out the lines of the legs with gentle lines. After this, you can erase all extra lines from the earlier steps.

Step 8
Then we finally reached the final step of the drawing lesson on how to sketch Jean Grey. At this point, we usually include shadows and this lesson is not an exception. In this case, we will use light hatching to create shadows.


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