Hello! Today, we’ll tell you about the drawing Iceman. You probably already know that Iceman is a character from the past from the Team X-men.


Step 1
In the tradition of old beginning drawing using the structure of the stickman. The legs and arms of the figure are stretched outwards as well as the neck is then pressed against the body in the manner of the body of a boxer.

Step 2
Let’s make our stickmen more voluminous. Draw a strong rounded back line that joins the pelvis and neck. Then draw the shapes of legs and arms. Don’t make the arms and legs excessively massive and massive. Remember that we are drawing the image of a teenager.

Step 3
Then we’ll sketch a road that is icy. Follow the rules of perspective: areas that are remote from the road must appear tiny. However, the portion of the road where Bobby is standing should be extremely big. Make sure that you draw the line of ice the ice that Bobby shoots to expand the road in front of him.

Step 4
It’s a quick and easy step. The only thing you’ll need is to outline facial features using a few short strokes.

Step 5
In this stage, we begin drawing the details we will be able to see in the final drawing. We will sketch the facial highlights in the final version. Some interesting aspects of Bobby’s facial features:

His eyes aren’t pillows;
Our character clenched his teeth very tightly.
He’s very similar to Dr. Manhattan (DC comics) and Silver Surfer (Marvel Universe).

Step 6
We continue the drawing lessons that we have taught you drawing Iceman. We will now draw arms with their final views. Read about the essential hand muscles in the following drawing class (step 2.). Also, make sure to say “thank you” to Iceman for the fact that he shoots the ice which covers his palms. Drawing palms is a challenging task, typically.

Step 7
We will now draw the outlines of legs and ice rays. Make sure to draw smoke outlines around your hands.

And for the legs, It’s really simple. Simply erase the lines and draw the lines of your knee.

Step 8
Let’s draw lines that will line the road that is icy. These lines should be straight or slightly curled. There is an exception. The line that runs along the turning point of the road must have a strong bend. As you can see that the curves in the contour of the road follow the curves of the road.

Step 9
In the final step, we’ll draw tiny shadows. More specifically, it’s not shadowed at all, but only areas covered in very translucent lines.

We love comics a lot and enjoy drawing various characters from comics of different genres We hope that all our readers will be able to draw like authentic comic book artists. Visit our category titled “Comics” to develop your drawing skills.


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