How to draw Ice Bird from Angry Birds Space

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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How to draw Ice Bird from Angry Birds Space

Step 1

Create cube. This is for Ice the body of Angry Bird.

Step 2

Choose the cube to ensure that it is a resemblance to you Angry Bird persona.

Step 3

Then, you can create dimension lines and then the beak with a large pointed tip.

Step 4

The eyes will be drawn in this manner, and after which you draw your eyebrows. The pupil will be colored and you’re done.

Step 5

In the last step, all you need be doing is trace the feathers onto the head and for the tail. Make sure you erase any mistakes prior to proceeding.

Step 6

Here’s the way your bird will appear after you’re done. Then, color it with an cold blue shadow.

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