How to Draw Hands Holding Chopsticks Step by Step

This tutorial will show you how to draw chopsticks with your hands in four positions. This tutorial can be used for both traditional art and anime or manga.

How to Draw Hands Holding Chopsticks Step by Step
Drawing chopsticks with hands

Chopsticks are very popular in manga and anime when it comes down to scenes that involve food. They are used by many characters in various scenes, including school lunches, home meals, and eating out. Drawing these hand poses in various views can be difficult.

This tutorial will help you understand how to draw the most common positions/views of hands with chopsticks. How to Draw an Anime Elf Girl Step by Step

These are just a few of the scenarios you can use them in:

  • Giving food to another person
  • Normal eating
  • Looking at the hand
  • “Stuffing” one’s face

This tutorial is slightly more complex than the one on AnimeOutline. You can find a more in-depth explanation of how to draw hands (positioning the joints, etc ) here:

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Drawing hands with other objects is possible by using:

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You will also need to erase between steps. If you are drawing on paper, it is recommended to use a pencil and draw very lightly until the end of each pose.


Drawing Chopsticks to Character Eating

Step-by-step drawing with chopsticks in hand

This view of the chopsticks in your hand can be used to draw a character eating/grabbing food from their plate.

Step 1: Draw Part of the Palm/Fingers

Hand holding chopsticks palms and drawing with front fingers

Draw one side of your palm and the combined shape of the middle, little, and ring fingers as shown in the illustration above.

It is important to have the overall shape and proportions of all the parts of the hand, without focusing on the finer details.

Step 2: Draw the Index Finger/Thumb and Other Parts of the Palm

Hand holding chopsticks index, thumb drawing

Add the index finger, the part of the thumb that is visible from behind it, and the fingers. Add the second side of your palm between the fingers and the first.

Step 3 – Draw your individual fingers

Drawing chopsticks with fingers by hand

Draw each finger as well as your knuckles. Start with the index, then move on to the ring and little fingers. After you’re done, erase any extra/overlapping lines from the outline drawing.

Step 4 – Draw your Arm

Arm drawing with chopsticks: Handheld

Continue to lower the arm, starting at the hand. This can be done with only two lines.

Step 5: Add the Chopsticks

Drawing of outline for hand-held chopsticks

Add the chopsticks, one behind the index finger, and one roughly between the index finger’s knuckle and the upper tip of the middle finger.

You may want to draw the chopsticks as though your hand can see them since they are partially obscured by your hand. Then, you can erase the portion that is behind your fingers. You can then avoid misaligned chopstick ends.

This and other drawing errors are discussed in:

Common Mistakes in Drawing Manga & Anime


Step 6 – Complete the Hand Drawing

Drawing chopsticks by hand

Finish the drawing by adding the fingernails and some curve lines to highlight the joins and show the wrinkles they have.

After you have added the details, you can finish the drawing by adding darker lines.

Drawing Chopsticks to “Look at Your Own Hand”

Step-by-step drawing of hand-holding chopsticks

This can be used to show a character looking at their hand and ready for them to use it. This is a first-person view of the hand/chopsticks.

Step 1: Draw the Base of your Hand

Hand holding chopsticks palm view of base drawing

Begin by drawing the outline of your hand and the base of your thumb.

Step 2 – Draw the Index & Thumb

Holding chopsticks in the palm. Index and thumb drawing.

Add the outline of your thumb and index fingers to the palm. The thumb and finger should be drawn overlapping the outline.

Step 3 – Draw your Fingers

Holding chopsticks in the palm, drawing fingers

As shown in the above example, you can finish the hand drawing by adding the remaining fingers. Remember that fingers will “stack” one another, so begin with the middle finger, then move on to the ring finger, and finally the little finger/pinky.

Step 4: Finish the Base of your Hand

Holding chopsticks in the palm. Arm drawing

To show a portion of the arm, add a couple of lines below the palm.

Step 5: Add the Chopsticks

Drawing of outline for hand holding chopsticks

Add the chopsticks to the mix, one between your index finger and the tip of your thumb and one between the bend of your thumb and the tip of the middle finger.

The chopsticks in this view will be slightly pointing towards the viewer. Therefore, they should be drawn shorter because of their angle. If you held the chopstick in front of your eyes, it would appear almost like a circle. It will appear longer if you tilt it until you look at its side.

This article has more information:


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Step 6 – Complete the Hand Drawing

Drawing of hand-holding chopsticks

Finish the drawing by adding the smallest details, such as the fingernails. To emphasize the joints and hint at the wrinkles, you can add curves to the edges.

After you have completed all the details, you can add darker lines to your drawing.

Drawing Chopsticks to “Stuff Face With Food”

Step by step, hold chopsticks in your hand and draw step by step

This pose is used often when a character eats very fast, often in humorous scenes. They place the chopsticks side-by-side and use them to “shovel” food into their mouths.

Step 1: Draw the outline of the fist

Holding chopsticks in hand, drawing with fist shape

Start by drawing the outline of your fist, without using your thumb. It should be drawn winding towards the bottom (knuckles), and narrower towards its top.

Step 2: Draw your Fingers

Holding chopsticks in your fist fingers, drawing

Place the fingers in the shape of the fist, and then erase any parts from the outline.

To demonstrate that your hand is slightly clenched, tilt your fingers in the opposite direction to the thumb.

Step 3 – Draw your thumb

Hand holding chopsticks in fist thumb draw

As shown in the illustration above, add a thumb outline.

Step 4 – Draw your Knuckles

Holding chopsticks in hand, drawing with fist knuckles

As shown above, draw the bumps on the knuckles and then erase any parts from the previous step.

Step 5: Add the Chopsticks

Hand-holding chopsticks in fist outline

You can see the chopsticks from this angle, and how they are held. The background chopsticks can be drawn just barely visible from the front.

Step 6 – Complete the Hand Drawing

Holding chopsticks in hand while drawing

Then, add the details that are smaller to the hand. These can include just a portion of the thumb’s nail and a hint of bone from the middle finger’s knuckle.

You can also create curves around the thumb and fingers’ visible joints.

After you are done, trace your drawing using darker lines.

Drawing the Side View of the Hand Holding Chopsticks

Side view of drawing step by step with chopsticks held in the hand

This is the standard position for holding chopsticks in your hand. This gives a good view of your hand and is used often in advertising.

This view can be used in anime and manga for many purposes, such as characters looking at their hands. It can be used in a common scene when one character gives food to another.

Step 1: Draw the Base of your Hand

Side view of the base drawing from the hand holding chopsticks

Draw the outline of your thumb’s base and the palm of your hand.

Their combined shapes should be wider towards your fingers and narrower towards your wrist at this angle.

Step 2 – Draw your index finger and thumb

Side view of index and thumb with chopsticks held in the hand

Add the outline of your thumb and index fingers to the shapes above. You will get a drawing that is similar to the one shown above.

Step 3 – Draw the rest of the fingers

Side view of fingers drawn by hand-holding chopsticks

Draw the rest of your fingers behind the thumb/index finger. These may not be shown in the example. Instead, you might want to draw them as transparent. Then erase any lines. This will help to avoid misaligned finger parts.

Step 4 – Draw your Arm

Side view of arms drawing: Hand-holding chopsticks

Add a small portion of your arm to the palm.

Because the palm of your hand curves when you are in this position, a little bit will be apparent.

Step 5: Add the Chopsticks

Side view of outline drawing for hand-holding chopsticks

Add the chopsticks, one between your index and tip of your thumb, and one lower between your middle and ring finger.

Similar to the previous example, you can draw the sticks over the outline of your hand and then erase any areas that need to be hidden.

Step 6 – Complete the Hand Drawing

Side view of hand holding chopsticks

Also, add the fingernails and wrinkles around the joints. The folds/wrinkles in the hands will appear more prominent and more frequent if the fingers are bent slightly.

After you are satisfied with the placement of everything, trace your drawing using darker lines. To show deeper wrinkles or folds, you can make your lines thicker and the lines thinner for smaller areas.


Drawing hands is one of the most difficult parts of the body. This is particularly true when drawing hands from different angles and in complicated poses. It can make drawing easier by following a step-by-step approach. This starts with simpler shapes and then moves down to the finer details.

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