Hello dear artists. What would you like to learn about drawing something that is a bit out of the ordinary? Yes, we have drawn bizarre animals like the sloth or an Anteater. These animals aren’t as bizarre as a massive toothy turtle that destroys cities. Let’s begin the discussion about drawing Gamera.


Step 1
Therefore, we don’t draw out the form of the skull for our monster. The first step is to sketch out an outline of the head and shoulders for the Gamera. Then sketch the neck and torso as an enormous oval. Draw out the legs, arms, and tail. Remember that in the beginning steps, we must use clear, transparent lines.

Step 2
On the head, we have jaws and an eye with a frown. Then sketch your neck and the outline for the carapace Gamera. By using simple geometric figures, draw the legs and arms. Draw the feet and hands using sharp claws. The tail will be tamed and then go on to the next stage.

Step 3
Let’s get started on the specifics of our creature. Draw an outline for the face using eyes, and a crest with sharp teeth.

Step 4
Let’s move down a bit and begin working on the body. By drawing lines with clear lines, you can draw the carapace which is divided into a variety of sections.

Step 5
Draw the legs and arms and legs, taking out all the unneeded lines we sketched in the beginning steps. Make sure to draw the folds of your skin, and the contour of muscles, and joints underneath the skin.

Step 6
Let’s include shadows in the Gamera drawing. To do this right, it is necessary to first think about the source of light. In the end, according to tradition, we’ll add shadows to areas where light is not falling.

So, today, we showed our students the art of drawing a Gamera. Are you looking to learn how to draw the various creatures from various movies books, games, and books?

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