How to Draw French Fries

These deep-fried potatoes are also known as chips, finger chips or pommes frites in North America. In other parts of the globe, they are called papas fritas. French fries can be served with many toppings such as mayonnaise and vinegar, chili sauce, cheese, and mayonnaise. These fries are a common side dish to burgers, hot dogs, or other fast food items.

How to Draw French Fries

French fries: What is it? The origins of fried potatoes can be traced back to Belgium (not France), in the 1600s. In 1802, a reference to “potatoes prepared in the French way” was made. A recipe for French fried potatoes was found in an 1856 cookbook. In the early 1900s, “French fried” could be used to describe any deep-fried dish, such as vegetables or chicken.

French fries are a staple of popular culture. This food item is also featured in toys for children, in addition to being used in TV shows and movies. The Shopkins toys include three French fry-themed characters: Wise Fry (Curly Fries), Fiona Fries (Fiona Fries).

What about fries? With this step-by-step drawing tutorial, you can now draw them. You will only need a pencil, some paper and an eraser. Color your drawing with crayons, colored pencils or markers.

This tutorial was enjoyed by many. You can also see the following drawing guides.

How to Draw French Fries Step-By-Step

1st Step:

Draw a trapezoid that is slightly inverted and curved. This means that you should draw a rectangle shape slightly wider at its top than at its bottom. This is the front of your fast food wrapper or box.

How to Draw French Fries

2nd Step:

From each corner of the trapezoid, extend diagonal lines. These lines can be connected using a straight-line. This is the side of your fast food box.

How to Draw French Fries2

3rd Step:

Two straight lines are required to create a diamond shape in the box’s top.

How to Draw French Fries3

4th Step:

Draw your French fries. Draw a series of parallel lines. Two short lines connect them at the top. To enclose the irregularly shaped French fry top, add two more lines. Next, draw a long line along the length of your fry. As needed, erase guide lines. As if the second fry were behind the first, wrap it in a long straight line and a short one. Use a straight line to detail the top of your fry.

How to Draw French Fries

5th Step:

Fries are the best way to fill your box. Multiple parallel lines can be extended. At the top of each fry, draw a square. Draw a line along the length of each fry. Notice how the French fries appear to be coming out of the box from different angles. You can erase guide lines if necessary.

How to Draw French Fries

6th Step:

Draw additional fries, using one or two lines to enclose each. Add dimension by drawing a line down the length of the fry. Erase guide lines as necessary.

How to Draw French Fries

7th Step:

Fill your fries with the rest of the ingredients. As before, draw them using two lines joined by a square shape at the end. You can add dimension by drawing a long line along the length of your fry. As needed, erase guide lines.

How to Draw French Fries

8th Step:

You can fill in any space with more fries by drawing them from behind.

How to Draw French Fries

9th Step:

You can detail the fry container with vertical lines.

How to Draw French Fries

10th Step:

You can color your French fries. Fries are often yellow or tan and many fast food restaurants use the color red.

How to Draw French Fries


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