Hello, comic book fans. You’ve probably observed that we are avid comic readers and love drawing characters from comics. They are both well-known as well as lesser-known. We’ve drawn well-known characters like Spider-Man as well as Superman. However, in this lesson, we’ll talk about the character that is less well-known. Let’s begin the lesson by learning to draw Forge in Marvel.


Step 1
Let’s begin with the skull. Draw your character’s head which is like an inverted egg. Then, using normal lines, draw on the back and neck. Along the spine, draw the pelvis and the chest. In the final step, sketch out the legs and arms.

Step 2
Now, we must bring some life and volume in the form of our protagonist. Draw the lines that intersect across the face of Forge. Draw the neck and torso which is wide at the shoulders, and slim at the waist.

Step 3
Now let’s focus on the finer points. We’ll start at the top of the head by starting by putting the head on top. On the horizontal line, draw out the eyes and frown eyebrows. Then, draw the lips and nose. Draw out an elongated mustache (the iron man had mustaches similar to the iron man).

Step 4
This is the final step in sketching the face of Forge. Make sure to draw the hair and the bandage around the forehead. Draw the angular lines on the forehead.

Step 5
The next step is to work on the upper torso. Make sure you draw strong abdominal and pectoral muscles. Then draw the oblique muscles as well as the outline of the details on the dress.

Step 6
The lesson continues on drawing Forge. Draw the deltoid muscles as well as the biceps, triceps, and bice muscles in the forearm. Drawing hands are worn on the belt, while the other holds the firearm.

Step 7
We are left to draw just the lower half of the superhero. By removing unwanted lines from the legs, gently draw out all muscles and lines. Sketch out the particulars of the costume, as well as the folds that are required.

Step 8
Let’s draw the shadows. In this lesson, we will apply the standard method of drawing shadows in comics. The style is characterized by contrast shadows in black. To create such shadows, we first sketch their outline before painting them.

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