How to Draw Fingernails 6 Different Ways

How to Draw Fingernails 6 Different Ways - AnimeOutline

How to Draw Fingernails 6 Different Ways

This tutorial demonstrates how to draw fingernails using a variety of techniques. These examples are based on manga and anime, but they can be used in other styles.

Fingernails drawing different ways

The tutorial’s main examples can be seen in the images above. However, there are many other variations. Make sure you read the entire thing.

The following instructions can be used to draw your toenails:

In 4 Steps, Draw Your Toes and Toenails on Your Foot

Drawing a Hand with No Fingernails

Hand drawing no fingernails

Before you draw any type of nail, it is important to first draw your hand. This example shows how to show off your nails. It will also be used in the rest of this tutorial.

Also, in manga and anime, hands can be drawn with no fingernails. They will look something like the one above. This is especially true if the hand is displayed from far away. However, you are more likely to see nails if your hand is drawn close up.

This tutorial will focus on drawing nails, and not the details of drawing hands.


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Drawing short fingernails

Fingernails drawing

You can outline each nail by drawing short realistic fingernails.


Your tips should be a little flatter and your inner ends more rounded. A little bit of space can be left between the tips and tips of your fingers.

Drawing simplified fingernails

Anime fingernails drawing

Manga and anime often use fingernails that are drawn in a way that is not completely outlined.

This could be due to the fact there isn’t really any gap between the fingers, and the nails at that spot.

You can draw the nails in the same way as the first one.

Drawing long fingernails

Long fingernails drawing

You should draw your nails longer if you have long nails. These can be done with pointier tips.

Long fingernails see-through drawing

It is a good idea to draw your hand out completely and then add the nails as shown.

After covering them, you can just shave the areas of your fingers.

Drawing Long Fingernails with Simple Design

Anime long fingernails drawing

As with the shorter nails, long nails can be drawn in an anime-manga style that leaves a gap at the ends.

They are otherwise the same as in the previous example.

Draw Fingernails with Nail Polish

Painted fingernails drawing

You would normally draw your nails long and then fill them with the desired color. You may also want to highlight one nail. It will make your nails shine (just like polished nails).


Anime painted fingernails drawing

You can draw anime/manga nails with open ends. However, you can still fill in the nail shapes with color, but you should leave the lines. How to Draw a Rice Bowl Step by Step

Draw Long Finger Nails with no Nail Outlines

Long fingernails no nail outlines

This last example is somewhat like the first, except that it doesn’t show the nail outlines but gives the tips of the fingers more detail.

This trick can be used to create non-closed drawings of hands with long fingers (as seen in anime and manga).


As there isn’t much to draw fingernails, this tutorial is quite brief. The finished drawing will provide all the information that you need. You can find the links at the start of the tutorial if you need assistance with drawing hands.

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