It’s a good moment to discuss drawing evil eyes. We’ve already gone through a number of basics of drawing eyes, but now we will try drawing real emotions. This is an easy lesson, however, you’ll get a great result if you adhere to the order of steps and actions that we have outlined in our illustration.


Step 1

The first step is to draw a simple part. Create two straight lines like in our example. The horizontal line runs across approximately a third of the vertical line.



Step 2

We continue by teaching drawing evil eyes. Draw the outline of the upper border that surrounds the eyes. Avoid excessive slope and sharp lines. In this scenario, you’ll draw evil-looking eyes in cartoon style which will be a part of comic book baddies for youngsters.


Step 3

Include border lines on the bottom. Make sure to draw lines that connect with the horizontal lines as in our example. These lines should not be too round.


Step 4

Draw the lower and upper eyelids. The lower eyelids are visible for the illusion of eyes that are closed. This look, when paired with slanted eyebrows creates an unnatural, heavy appearance. Also, go through our tutorial on eye anatomy. Once you’ve finished, you’ll be able to comprehend what each of the lines in this article is referring to.


Step 5

Get rid of any extra lines in your drawing. Draw the eyebrows situated above the lines drawn in the earlier step. Be careful not to draw too arched eyebrows in order to prevent caricature.


Step 6

Draw pupils. We’ve said it several times, it’s the position of pupils, which decides the direction of the gaze. Try to duplicate the exactness of your gaze from our example. The ideal is to be able to get a serious stare that causes an unpleasant feeling.


Step 7

Add shadows. The position of the shadows below the medial part of the eyebrows will help create a look that is more top. This can result in raising the head up directly over the head.


Step 8

In the end, it is expected that you will get something similar to this. If your drawing is not as similar to this, then try to sketch the area where you’ve made a mistake and then correct it.


We hope you enjoy this drawing tutorial. Try drawing different variations of the evil eye. Also, you can create an image of your character based on the drawing. Don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comments. We are eager to hear your thoughts!


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