Dear DC Universe lovers and artists, thank you for your kind time! Today’s lesson will focus on How to Draw Wonder Woman Step by Step. We noticed that there were not enough female heroes on our website, so we decided to rectify this problem.


Step 1
We must begin with the skeleton, no matter who we are drawing. Wonder Woman’s head is drawn in an oval shape with a spine, a spine, a thorax, and a pelvis. In the second and first steps, use light lines that are almost translucent.

Step 2
Draw two lines across the face to help us draw facial features. Notice that Wonder Woman appears slightly higher in this example. Let’s next add volume to our Wonder Woman’s body using simple geometric shapes.

Step 3
This step will allow us to move on to the details. We will start with the face. The horizontal line drawn in the previous stage will be used to draw the eyes. Draw a straight nose and smiley mouth a little lower.

Step 4
As shown in the example, carefully draw the outline of your face. The diadem should be drawn with a star at the center of the forehead. Draw the hair using long, straight lines.

Step 5
This step will be the final one to draw Wonder Woman’s body. Draw the arms and torso of our heroine using both dark and clear lines. The waistline of women is narrower and should have less muscle in the arms.

Step 6
The lower half of your character is drawn exactly as in the previous step. Continue drawing the torso lines and draw the hips. They will then flow into the legs. The legs of women should have less muscle mass than the male figure.

Step 7
Now we can draw the upper body of Wonder Woman. Now we need to make the lines darker, and crisper and remove all the excess lines from the arms, face, and torso. Draw the details for the bracers and torso.

Step 8
This is the final step in the lesson How to Draw Wonder Woman. As in the previous step, we must erase all lines from the legs. Use clear and dark lines to circle the legs. This will make them more distinct and darker. Draw shoes and a rope at the hand’s end of each step.

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