Dear readers and artists of our website. Today, we made an illustration lesson on an extremely bizarre sea creature. This creature is the inspiration for numerous characters from mythology novels, fairy tales, and cartoons. As you’ve already seen in this lesson, we’ll teach you the art of drawing an Octopus.


Step 1
We often begin drawing lessons by drawing ovals. However, this lesson isn’t an excuse. Draw the head in the shape of an oval before moving to the next step.

Step 2
The name octopus is due to its eight limbs. Therefore, sketch these tentacles by drawing long lines that wiggle.

Step 3
Beginning with this step, we’ll include details on our Octopus. We will begin with the head. Draw eyes and the head with sharp lines.

Step 4
Let’s go down a little before drawing the tentacles. Be aware that the tentacles will be gradually fading as they get closer to the edges.

Step 5
Continue drawing an Octopus. In this stage, we use an eraser and remove any unnecessary lines off your sea animal’s body.

Step 6
Draw the visible and funnel. Draw the suction cups that are on the tentacles, as shown we have shown in the illustrations. Be aware that all curves and lines must be smooth.

Step 7
The video tutorial on drawing an Octopus is close to being completed It’s left to include shadows.

The Octopus drawing tutorial has ended. Don’t think about the fact that we’ve got a complete section of drawing tutorials for various species of animals. There is much informative and helpful content. Don’t overlook that we’ve accounts on every social network, sign up and send us your suggestions.

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