how to draw clothes

Do you often feel like you are having difficulty drawing clothes? If you’re having trouble drawing clothes then our tutorial on drawing clothes was designed specifically to help you.

how to draw clothes


Step 1

The first step is to sketch the outline for the shirt. If you’re drawing clothing to portray a person, you can place these outlines in accordance with the body shape of the character. It appears like a tiny rectangular shape in this step.




Step 2

In the same guide to drawing, we’ll teach you how to draw pants. In this section, we’ll sketch out the contours of the pants. You are able to choose any type of trousers as well as draw out the curves you prefer. We decided to stick to an official business look by drawing the lines slightly inclined downwards




Step 3

Let’s look at the shirt. In accordance with our plan, we will design an official business shirt that has sleeves that roll up. It is possible to draw looser clothes. In this step, draw shorter, narrow sleeves which are separated from the rest by curving lines.




Step 4

The final item of clothing in this article is footwear. We agree that sneakers for sports aren’t appropriate for the style we’ve chosen. We chose to draw the outline of formal shoes. You can draw any shoe that you like.




Step 5

We’ll return to the shirt. In this stage, we sketch the contours of the collar as well as that of the top. The collar appears to be an asymmetrical small triangle.




Step 6

One of the issues faced by many artists who want to be successful is the lack of real-world realism they need. Attention to detail is often the best way to in overcoming this. So, in this stage, we’ll make a rounded outline on our shirt, and then add small folds on the fabric.




Step 7

Fold the sleeves of your shirt. We decided to add some complexity to our clothing and that’s why the sleeves are being rolled up. The most noticeable folds are in these regions.




Step 8

Let’s sketch the final outline that the pants will have. In the pelvic region draw out the pockets and the fastener. In the distal ends, there are numerous folds that appear like thin horizontal lines.




Step 9

So, we’re almost done with the tutorial on drawing clothes. Sketch the soles of your boots. If this is your idea then draw lacing as well. sports logos of your company.




Step 10

We always include a specific step for you to examine the entire sketch prior to painting with paints. This is not a new custom with this course. Take a look at your drawing and verify that the proportions and shapes are accurate. Correct any mistakes with the eraser.




Step 11

Choose any color you want for your character’s outfit. In our case, we selected an outfit with a single color as well as a darker shade of the color to create shadows.




In closing, we hope you’ve enjoyed this guide. We’re waiting for your feedback and suggestions regarding our work. It is extremely important to us!

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