Hello! Today we’ll show our readers how you can draw Robin in DC Comics in Chibi style. A few days ago, we published another drawing tutorial in Chibi, and you might remember that it was War Machine from Marvel.


This is the day you’re looking forward to Chibi Robin. In the same way, Chibi Robin, like War Machine, is always a companion of the protagonist in comics.

One more point guys. We have heard that the last lesson on Chibi was rather complicated. However, the way to draw Chibi is extremely easy. The art of drawing in the Chibi style is a must even for novices. Therefore, let’s begin!

Step 1
The first step is to draw an outline of a head. The horizontal line that runs down the middle should be almost straight. The upper line should have a substantial bend. There is an intriguing aspect. The eye line is extremely low.

Step 2
Now, let’s draw an outline of a body. In this instance, the body appears like a tiny conical shape. The feet and hands also appear like tiny cones.

Step 3
We continue with this drawing tutorial, where we have taught you the drawing process of Chibi Robin. We have drawn a rough character. This step will begin by adding the details. Please make use of the facial lines you sketched in the first step to serve as a reference. This will assist you in tracing the contours of your hair and mask.

Step 4
It’s a simple process. The only thing you have to do is remove any unnecessary guidelines from the face. Then, darken the lines of the face to ensure that the area is complete and free of any obstructions.

Step 5
Now, we perform similar actions using the feet, hands, and body. Remember to draw these obvious symbols that are parts of your Robin costume, such as the logo, belt buckles, and collars.

We hope this was not very difficult work since we designed our drawing class Chibi as a simple task. If you encounter any difficulties in drawing this Chibi then please share your thoughts in Facebook comments. If you like this lesson, don’t forget to thank us for it. It was a joke, however, we really want to learn this. We’ll meet again tomorrow, goodbye!


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