So…hi! After a long break, we have a new drawing lesson. As you can see, Catwoman will be drawn from the DC Universe.


Step 1
We draw a stickman, in this instance a sick woman. There are a few distinguishing features to the Catwoman’s figure and pose:

Growth equals the sum of 6 goals’ lengths
The pelvis is significantly wider than the shoulders.
The legs form an hourglass-like figure.
The arrangement of the head and neck is asymmetrical.

Step 2
Okay, now is the time for some volume. You should not draw a huge muscular figure, Catwoman’s body is graceful and feminine.

Step 3
Now we have a silhouette. Let’s draw the silhouette and make two pairs of triangles (ears) and eyes (eyes and glasses).

Step 4
We should be careful when drawing a face if we are given a task. Draw plump lips with a small nose and almond eyes.

Step 5
We continue our lesson on how to draw Catwoman. Now it’s time for the details to be added to the trunk. Draw round breasts and clavicles. The clavicles are like a pair of horizontal sticks, as you can see.

Step 6
This step will involve drawing hands. Gloves should be wider and more voluminous than the hands.

Step 7
We just need to repeat the actions of the previous steps. Now we need to focus on the pelvis as well as the legs. These areas are easier to work with. Paint the soles, heels, and pleated fabric around your knees.

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