Hello dear artists. In the previous drawing lesson, we taught you how to draw GTA Vice City’s main character Tommy Vercetti. This was the iconic representative of mafia movies and gangster movies in the 80s. Today we’ll show you how to draw a classic representative of gangster movies in the 90s. Let’s now take a look at how you can draw Carl Johnson.


Step 1
First, we need to sketch the skeleton for Carl Johnson. You should draw it with very thin lines. Draw the head as an oval. Next, draw a line from the spine to the pelvis. Draw the arms and legs. The main principles for drawing a stickman are explained in the lesson How to Draw a Man.

Step 2
Let’s now take up the volume. The horizontal and vertical lines running through the middle of the head should be drawn. Next, draw the neck as a cylinder. Draw a torso that narrows at the waist. Use cylindrical figures to draw the shoulders, knees, and legs in the shape of circles.

Step 3
Let’s get to the basics. Use light lines to draw the hair, ears, and nose. Next, we will draw a tank and slightly lowered jeans. Smooth lines are used to connect the geometric figures of the previous step. This will make our CJ’s body more real.

Step 4
Let’s get to the last few details. Clear lines can be used to draw the contours of your head, hair, and facial features. The lines of the face should not be too rough.


Step 5
Let’s start by looking at the upper body of Carl Johnson. Draw out your torso and tank top. Add some folds like in the example. Draw the outline of your muscles by erasing the lines from the arms. You can also make CJ thicker or thinner, as the appearance of your hero San Andreas was entirely dependent on you.

Step 6
Let’s draw the lower half of Carl Johnson using the same principles as in the previous step. You can now draw the sneakers and jeans by erasing any unnecessary lines. (To learn more, see the lesson How to Draw Sneakers). Add some folds to the belt, and pockets, and draw a belt.

Step 7
We have reached the final step in the lesson How to Draw Carl Johnson From GTA San Andreas. We finish all lessons by adding shadows to the drawing. In a lesson on grapes, we’ve also shown you how to draw shadows.

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