How to Draw Captain America

In this drawing guide, we’ll show the drawing instructions on the steps to drawing Captain America. We wanted to present to you Captain America’s appearance which you will be able to see in Marvel films. This is an important lesson for us due to the fact that Captain America is not a typical superhero from comic books. Captain America is a symbol of humanity and freedom. There’s none of the Avengers Team without Captain America.

How to Draw Captain America


Step 1

Let’s draw three round shapes that make up your body. These are the chest, the head, and the pelvis. In our situation, the chest’s height should be slightly higher than the height of your head. It should also be larger than the pelvis. The proportions of these figures form the image of an athletically-developed middle-aged man.




Step 2

In this section, we will only use straight lines. Our first item to depict is the typical straight line running from the pelvis to the face. Then, we draw the legs and arms with similar straight lines. Additionally, we draw large joints that are made of balls.




Step 3

The first step is to connect the thorax and head with the neck. It’s a small, wide cylindrical piece with a beveled upper edge. Then, we join the pelvis and chest. If you’ve drawn the right dimensions of the pelvis and the chest then you can get the oblique lines connecting them. If you have straight lines, look at the size of these body parts.

In this stage, we will draw two lines that intersect on the face.



Step 4

Let’s draw the arm’s contours. Make use of the direct lines that were drawn earlier in this lesson as a point of reference. Round figures clearly separate the arm into shoulders and the forearm. The shoulder is situated between the elbow and shoulder joints. The forearm is the region that lies between elbow joints and wrist. There is no noticeable narrowing of the shoulder. The forearm is noticeably diminution towards the hand.




Step 5

The actions in this step are identical to the steps in the previous step. The limb is also divided into conditional pieces and then forms their silhouettes. In this instance, the principal base of reference is the knee joint. The portion of the leg which is situated above the knee joint is called the thigh. The leg portion that extends from the knee up to the foot is known as the shin.

Hips in our favorite are a little narrowing. The lower legs to have an enlargement. In reality, for an athlete who is athletically strong the narrowing from your lower leg down to the feet is evident. It’s the fact it is that Captain America is dressed in huge, tight pants.




Step 6

Let’s draw the facial traits that makeup Captain America. Its pupils are located in the eye and are located closely aligned with the eyebrows. The other parts of the head and face are concealed behind the mask we draw in the next step.




Step 7

Let’s get to work on the parts in the face mask. The mask’s fabric is visible which covers the chin, and the upper portion of the head, leaving cuts on the eyes and the ear. Don’t forget to write the word “A” on the forehead of our hero.




Step 8

You are likely to know that in various comics, Steve Rogers has a different style. In this lesson, the students sketch Captain America in clothing that was used in the movies from The Marvel Universe. So we draw a properly-fitted jacket that has a small collar and a small star at the chest.




Step 9

On the lower portion of the body, we’ll draw vertical stripes that join with the belt. The strips should be slightly inclined. If done correctly they should emphasize the narrow waist and large chest.




Step 10

We draw the arms of our heroes using their final curves. Be aware that the contours created at this point should create armies that are larger and more massive as opposed to the first stages.




Step 11

Hands with character are usually the most difficult part of a drawing class. This lesson will are shown only one hand with a shield. To draw a fist, you need to draw an angular form that is separated by parallel lines.



Step 12

In this step, we’ll show how the legs look like Captain America. The pants’ contours are supposed to be wider than the approximate contours of the legs we painted in our fifth step. The knee joints of the pants must differ slightly in comparison to the knee joint on the legs that were painted earlier.




Step 13

Let’s go ahead and look at the time to examine the Captain’s weapons that are unchanging. We’ll draw stripes on the shield of Captain that, from our viewpoint are the shape of an oval. In the middle, we draw an eagle.

Do you not think it appears to be symbolic for you to think that Captain doesn’t have any other weapon? A shield is something that is not harmful but is only used to defend against attack. The primary goal of our hero is to protect and not cause harm.




Step 14

We have a nearly completed superhero. We need to erase all extra lines that were created in the previous steps.



Step 15

Let’s paint our superhero. The design that the outfit has is a bit different from what we are used to but the colors, as usual, remain by the shades that are part of Stars & Stripes.


Small shadows ought to look like dark areas shade which you used to paint the lighter areas. Shadows should fall at the lateral edges of the form in the form of Captain America.



Today’s lesson is the longest and the most complete tutorial on our website. We hope you learn amazing drawing. We will soon draw more comic book characters. We are waiting for your return!

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