The artists who make up our website started their journey into the art of sketching comic-book characters. We adored the comic book characters from the series DC as well as Marvel. We are now trying to train our readers how to draw the most varied supervillains and superheroes. Today we keep the same theme as the comic book by giving this tutorial on drawing Batgirl.


Step 1
The first lesson is very typical and we’ll sketch the skeleton of a Batgirl. Start with the head, drawing it as an oval. Then sketch the spine as simple lines. Then, draw the outline of the pelvis and the chest. By drawing lines, we sketch the legs and arms.

Step 2
Two lines intersecting across the face will assist to sketch the face. The neck follows forms an oval. It then changes into a torso that narrows towards the waist and then expands to the hips. Utilizing simple geometric shapes, we draw the outline of the arms and legs. It is clear that this is a step to add a little bulk to the appearance that the character.

Step 3
The third stage of the tutorial on drawing Batgirl is also extremely traditional as we’ll add the most basic elements in the sketch. Let’s begin by drawing the head and outlining the features of the face and mask. Then, we outline the hair and draw an extended cape that is behind the back. The final step is drawing an outline of the emblem at the top of the chest as well as specifics on the dress.

Step 4
The details of the drawing will draw with very black and clear lines. In accordance with tradition, we draw the head, drawing gently the eyes as well as the mouth, nose, and eyes. Then, we draw the outline of the mask and head. Take an eraser and eliminate all the instructions from the Batgirl’s head. Batgirl.

Step 5
Now let’s start drawing the body of Batgirl. First sketch the outline of the neck and curly hair. Then, draw the contours of the torso considering the curvature that the human body has. The chest is where you should carefully trace the logo, and then draw the upper portion of the cape. It is worn by the superhero.

Step 6
The arms are drawn with the aid of black and clear lines. In continuation of the shoulder lines, you can carefully draw the outline of the arms, taking into consideration all the muscles underneath the costume. Then, draw the outline of fists, and the specifics of the gloves. Take away any unnecessary guidelines from your superhero’s arms, and proceed to draw the legs.

Step 7
In this next step, we’ll sketch out the leg muscles of the superhero. However, first, we will circle those lines on the cape’s long torso. After that, continuing along with the lines of the body, gently draw the legs and hips. In the same manner, trace those lines that represent the knee and muscle joint on the legs of Batgirl and erase any unnecessary rules.

Step 8
The tutorial will demonstrate how comic-style shadows will be used and should be dark and striking. To draw these shadows, first, trace the shadows’ contours, then paint them in solid black. To draw lighter shadows, we’ll employ simple hatching.

This tutorial on drawing Batgirl has been added to our library of drawing lessons on DC characters. DC Universe. We hope this drawing lesson was easy and that every one of our readers can manage the task.

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