How to Draw Ant Man Step by Step

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

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How to Draw Ant Man Step by Step

Begin by making a large circle and then move on to the facial guides.

Step 2
The face guides can be used to draw the angled eye that make up the Ant Man mask.

Step 3
Although this can seem complicated, it is possible to do it if your patience is sufficient. Begin at the top, then draw a narrow shape for the head. Once you are done, you can draw the head shape and the face. Angled lines can also be used. Ant Man’s face can be viewed from many angles. Let’s draw Ant Man’s mouth in this way. It looks more like a gas mask. You can complete the task if you take your time, and go through each step carefully.

How to Draw Ant Man Step by Step

Step 4
Draw a frame-like shape that looks like a tube for the rest. After that, draw the ears. When you’re done, erase any mistakes.

Step 5
When it is finished, this is the final artwork. To bring Ant Man to life, you can color him. I hope you enjoyed drawing Ant Man’s face. Share, like, and comment everyone.

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