In this drawing tutorial, we will show the drawing process for the anime eye. We’ll attempt to convey to you the fundamentals of eye painting in anime style to help you create your own character according to the style you like.


As you may have guessed it is a unique style. A lot of anime artists choose to simplify a lot of details including clothes, interiors, or face-to-face portraits of characters. But one thing in the anime style is meticulously drawn. This is the eyes. The eyes in anime are often used to depict the character’s mood as well as the mood of the entire scene in general. It is the most crucial and vital step to draw any character from anime.


Step 1

Eyes should be aligned on the same level. This is among the fundamental rules to draw eyes in a variety of styles. So, firstly, we find the approximate position of the eyes, then draw a horizontal line around this location.



Step 2

If we can present the exact location of the eyes and the eyes, we can draw the contours of the portion on the facial area. Pick the eye contours you like. The style will determine the shape. they can be vertically extended eyelids or more realistic horizontal eyes. We decided to go with the amygdala form that the eyes have. This eye shape is very common in anime that employs complex drawing techniques.


Step 3

We now have an approximate outline of the lines of the eye and can therefore draw basic details inside the eye. The eye is made up of a few membranes that protect light-reflecting substances. Outside, we can observe the choroid, which is known as the iris. This is where she creates the hue of the eyes. In the iris, there is a hole referred to as the pupil. Let’s draw two of these parts.

Remember that the location of the pupils affects the direction and emotional tone of the eyes, so this is an extremely crucial aspect.


Step 4

Another factor that influences the direction and the nature of the eye is the eyebrows. The anatomists consider eyebrows to be an auxiliary device that is part of our eye. This is since eyebrows protect eyes from a lack of liquid or dust particles. In this way, we trace the contours of our eyebrows. You are able to choose the form of the eyebrows depending on your preference but remember that the placement of your eyebrows will show the mood of your personality.


Step 5

This is why we will continue our guide for drawing eyes for anime. Let’s make this look more attractive. For this, we apply shadows to the corners that are lateral to each eye and draw the eyelashes’ contours.


Step 6

We will now create eyebrows for our character that are more detailed and complete. In order to achieve this, we’ll add single-layer hats inside the contours of the eyebrows. In the lateral direction, strokes must be laid out increasingly diagonally.


Step 7

We are now in another of those critical phases. The next step is to use the hatching technique to give your drawing an entire appearance. First then, we draw onto the pupil. Choose the darkest and most intensely colored hatching for the pupil. Don’t forget the white flare which should be present in every pupil.

Following that, we open the iris’s slit. It is possible to see a crescent-shaped flare that is visible from below, like in our example. Choose a less intense hatch to mark the eye’s iris. The hue of the eyes is based on the quantity of melanin found in the choroid area in the eyes. The majority of melanin is present in those who have brown eyes. A tiny amount of melanin creates blue-colored eyes.


Step 8

As we’ve already mentioned that this is an introduction to the fundamental concepts of anime-style eye painting. It is easy to alter the character’s mood and the direction in which he looks by altering the shape and the position of his eyes. To express powerful emotions, you can use wrinkles that appear like the lines of a few short ones.


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