This is the perfect time to create Eldar from Warhammer 40000. Eldar is an extremely ancient and powerful race. Many players of the computer strategy games such as Dawn of War know that the Eldar are agile and agile warriors. Under their expert guidance, they can take on any adversary.


Let’s get started with this lesson on drawing Eldar in Warhammer 40000.

Step 1
The most crucial aspect of drawing is the initial step which is drawing the character of the stickman. Like in previous lessons, we’ll start with the head and outline it in the shape of an oval. Then, we will draw the lines of the chest, spine pelvis, arms, and legs. The legs and arms that we have in our characters are larger than the legs and arms of a normal man. Also, Eldar is higher than an average man. This difference in height equals about the length of a head.

Step 2
We can now add more volume to the skeleton Eldar. In the beginning, we need to draw two cross lines around the head. This will allow us to draw the specifics that make up the helmet. Then we sketch the outline of the graceful and athletic body. Utilizing long geometric shapes, we sketch the outline of the legs and arms.

Step 3
In this phase, we draw the contours of the armor. The first step is to draw the contours of the helmet of Eldar. Then, move to the corpus, drawing the outline of the armor like the example below. The first step, the second, and the third should be very light since it’s the base we will apply to the following steps.

Step 4
Now, we need to choose a darker pencil and draw the outline of the helmet with great detail. Following that, we have to sketch the outline of the jaw and mouth. Draw the details of the helmet, and then add the vertical and horizontal spikes on the face. It’s like what an insect’s face looks like. Take an eraser and take out all lines that aren’t needed off the face.


Step 5
In this stage, we sketch the armor that will protect your body from Eldar. Two large plates are drawn within the region of the pectoralis major muscle as well as several smaller armor plates that are placed around the abdomen. It is evident that these armor plates are located between the chest and the pelvis region.

Step 6
It’s time to draw our hands. The Eldar warrior is fully armored from head to feet and it’s not necessary drawing the muscles of our hands in depth. With straight lines and undulating lines draw the gun with your right hand. Then, in the left hand, you draw an Eldar jagged sword. Then at the last step, we draw armor lines on the shoulders and the forearms.

Step 7
Then we can move on to the lower section of our body. This is our warrior. Make sure you draw the belt with rounded edges. Then, draw the legs using the components that make up the armor. Then at the end of the process, we remove all lines that were drawn in earlier steps.

Step 8
It’s time to play on shadows. It’s time to create an Eldar warrior that appears more realistic and impressive. We must first identify where light comes from to draw shadows in areas with the least amount of light. Shadows are usually drawn using thick hatching.

It was extremely difficult to draw tutorials. If you’d like to find the latest characters of Warhammer 40 000 on the pages of our website and you have a suggestion, please let us know your thoughts in the comments of this article, or on our social networks’ pages.

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