Hello everybody! In the last lesson, we sketched many bizarre animals, like the nasua, muskox, and the opossum. This article has decided to carry on the long-standing tradition of drawing bizarre animals and teach you the art of drawing an anteater.


Step 1
The heads and bodies of the anteater use the aid of three ovals with different dimensions. With simple lines, sketch out the tail and limbs.

Step 2
Expand the muzzle to make the limbs longer. The tail should be drawn towards the bottom, then proceed into the following step.

Step 3
Join the details of the drawing using simple lines. Create claws and make hair textures, like in our illustration.

Step 4
So. Eliminate all lines that are unnecessary from the drawing. Draw all the details in our illustration. Don’t forget to make long claws.

Step 5
Darken the bottom of your torso tail and neck. Paint the eyes and nose. The anteater is in the making.

It was a relatively easy drawing lesson where we demonstrated ways to draw an Anteater. If you’d like to stay updated on the latest lessons in drawing, follow our social media channels.

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