How to Draw an Anime Guy Body Step By Step Tutorial

This comprehensive step-by-step tutorial demonstrates how to draw male characters in the manga and anime styles. The primary attention is given to the different masculine body shapes.

How to Draw an Anime Guy Body Step By Step Tutorial


Drawing anime guy step by step

Step 1 – Draw the Overall Shape of the Male Body

Drawing anime guy’s entire body structure

For the view from the front, start with a horizontal line that is at minimum the height of the whole body. This will let you know the symmetry of both sides.

If you’re drawing both views simultaneously, ensure that the proportions in one view are similar to the proportions of the other view. Drawing the horizontal lines from an area of the body in one view and the same body part in another view can help you accomplish this. It is also possible to draw vertical lines as measurements prior to you begin drawing.

Drawing the Head

Drawing anime guy head structure

Star sketching the head with an outline similar to an oval to show the front view. You can also draw an oval shape in the rearview.

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Drawing the Body

Drawing anime guy body structure

A typical body is 2 feet wide. In anime, the head may be slightly bigger however it is also dependent on the dimensions of the character that you draw. Largely muscular characters in anime might possess heads smaller in comparison to the body than regular characters.

Drawing the Arms

Drawing anime guy arm structure

The arms are approximately equal to the length of the body. When you add hands, the arms must be larger than the rest of the body. Keep in mind it is the case that your arms may be slightly elevated to the sides in the illustrations used in this instructional.

Drawing the Legs

Drawing anime guy leg structure

Draw the legs around exactly the same size as the body.

Step 2 – Clean Up Your Drawing

Drawing anime guy body

After you’ve sketched out the proportions, you can clean up the sketch until you have an outline of your body.


Step 3 – Draw the Details

Drawing anime guy body details

Then, on the clean-up sketch of the body, add details like the hair and facial characteristics. If you want to create a person like this illustration that isn’t too muscular, but is still healthy, you could include a few hints of the abdominal and chest muscles.

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Step 4 – Draw the Clothing

Drawing anime guy shorts

In this scenario, we won’t go too into drawing the clothes and we will only include shorts.

Step 5 – Add Colour and Shading

Coloring anime guy drawing

To shade and color our character, we can make use of what’s known as “Cel Shading”. Shading without gradients is typically employed in anime.

The character will be shaded in accordance with typical lighting conditions (outside during the day or in a well-lit room). The primary source of light will be ahead and above the character. This means that the primary shadow will fall below the character, such as the shadow of the neck that is cast by the head.

To enhance the view from the front, you may also apply tiny shadows to highlight the stomach and chest muscles, as well as some shadows on the inside side of the legs as well as below the knees.

For the side view, the majority of shadows will fall on the back of the person.

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After you’ve completed the shading process, you’re finished by following the instructions. If you’re also needing help drawing female bodies in anime style, you are able to check out the how-to-draw and Animation Girl Body Step-by-Step Tutorial.

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