We check our comments regularly and we are aware that a lot of you are extremely fond of anime. We have taken the decision to spend time on this gorgeous style of painting. We present you with this drawing tutorial on drawing an anime-style girl easily.


Step 1

We first sketch a small man using circles and sticks to demonstrate the position of the figure on the paper. We also sketch the main aspects of the character and proportions. We can see an adorable figure that has an enormous head, narrow shoulders, and a small basin. The lower limbs don’t bend. The upper limbs are characterized by minimal and barely noticeable bends.



Step 2

Let’s start using the head and the torso. On the head, we must make landmarks to draw facial characteristics. Drawing lines across will assist us in this. The vertical line must be offset slightly from us. It is considerably lower than the center.

Additionally, in this phase, we join the lines of the pelvis and chest with two smooth vertical lines. We also trace the lower body in the shape of a triangle.


Step 3

The next step is in order to provide the arms some size. In order to do this, you must draw cylinders in large circles, such as in our example. The small extension is visible but only at the bottom of your legs. The hips narrow downwards, while the tibia is characterized by a curve. Be careful not to overdo the bends to ensure that your anime model doesn’t become The Hulk.


Step 4

Now we have a pretty finished silhouette. We now need to give it more detail so that it can appear like an anime character. We can draw big eyes that are round, hair with sharp contours, and other facial features that are drawn with just a few lines. The eyes look like huge tops, which are overlapping with the smooth horizontal lines.


Step 5

Let’s now add some clothing accessories. In this case, we will look at the standard aspects of a uniform for schools like a big collar with a bow as well as large sleeves, and an apron. Make sure to take a look at our unique tutorial on drawing clothes in an anime fashion. In this particular step, we draw the outline of the sneakers or short socks.


Step 6

Let’s take a look at the face and head of this stunning anime model. This isn’t difficult in any way as you will observe, all you need to do is draw two round pupils and then erase any extra lines on the face as well as inside the hair’s contours.


Step 7

We will continue our guide for drawing an anime-style girl. In this stage, we draw a crisp, final line that wraps around the wide collar and bow. Be aware of the edging that is made up of thin lines that run along the lower part that forms the collar. Also, remove the extra guidelines off the edge of the shirt as well as draw square hanger pieces.


Step 8

We will now sketch the final contours of the hands and sleeves. The sleeves should have a straight downward extension. In the distal portions of the sleeves, there are folds of fabric that look like a Nike logo. The sleeves are then tucked into cuffs with sharply narrowed edges.

If you draw fists that are clenched make sure to take a look at our guide on drawing anime hands fingers, fists, and fists.


Step 9

We follow the same procedure however, we’ll now define the legs and the lower part of the body. Utilize the standard smooth lines to create elegant curves. Avoid sharp curves and transitions.


Step 10

This is how we came to the final product. If you’d like to make your photo more realistic, try adding shadows. Therefore, we apply paint to the top area of the eye, then apply subtle shadows over and below the skirt, and around the edges of our body.


If you experience any difficulties when working with the drawing guides, do not hesitate to let us know in the comments. We also await your feedback about our work on our social media networks. Don’t forget that the planning for new lessons is in line with your needs. If you’ve always wanted to draw someone you could simply post a note on our social media networks.



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