Let’s start with the basic method of drawing anime. The primary feature of anime is the faces of the characters. They’re always extremely expressive, despite the absence of complex particulars. We have created an art lesson where we will show ways to draw an animated face and understand how to portray the characters of anime. The ideas we’ll be talking about are applicable to any anime-inspired artwork.



Step 1

To make an ideal anime face, we first draw an outline for the facial features. It appears like an inverted egg that narrows down to a sharp angle. At the bottom of this figure, it is possible to discern how the jaws are angled. jaw’s lower part. Don’t forget these specifics when drawing the contour that you draw of your skull.




Step 2

The next step should begin with the neck’s contours. Have you noticed the long necks of characters from anime? It’s not often. In the show, there are only a few people who have large necks. We have a standard neck that is thin.

In this phase, we will draw various lines that we will draw on the face. The first step is to create a vertical line that reflects facial symmetry. Then, take a measurement of 2/3 of the face, and draw the transversal line. Another line is drawn a little higher. transversal line. Between these lines are eyes.



Step 3

Let’s explore facial characteristics. In the style of anime, the mouth and nose are typically shown with two simple lines. This isn’t a one-off as you can are able to see. The key aspect is to draw the mouth and nose in the right position.

In the next step, we can sketch the eye’s contours. It appears like two big upside-down arcs, which are separated above by straight horizontal lines.



Step 4

Include facial characteristics. The pupils should be round and have features with thin eyebrows. In this stage, we’ll draw the ears as well. Pay attention to the placement that the ears are located. The top border of the ears is slightly higher than the top border of the eye. The bottom edge of the ears is in line with the nose. From this point, your drawing of the face will look like this.



Step 5

Let’s draw our hair. The majority of people who are anime do not have a meticulously drawn hairstyle. The hair on their head can be drawn by lines that appear as if they are a couple of sharp angles. Anime is known for its wide range of hairstyles. They’re soft, curly, and have unique details weaved into the hair. So explore creating unique hairstyles. You can also check out our tutorial for the art of drawing hairstyles for anime.



Step 6

In this phase of the instructions on drawing the face of an animated character, we don’t draw the elements we need to create. We will now clean the appearance of our boy and erase any extra lines we sketched at the beginning. Don’t forget to draw the shape of the inner area of the ear. Additionally, you must draw the necessary lines to enhance their clarity, making them more appealing and finished.



Step 7

To complete your drawing of the face anime a full look, you’ll draw some shadows. The shadows are visible are located above the eyebrows, and also in the neck region. These areas are where the light is obscured by hair and chin. Paint the eyes of the character from anime. It is crucial not to cover highlights in white as we did in our illustration.


The group of has decided to develop this tutorial because there’s lots of disagreement regarding the art of drawing an animated face properly. Many artists are able to create puzzlement about this kind of drawing. This lesson was created to demonstrate that you must correctly create the basic shapes in the first steps. Additionally, you should put the facial features in the proper places and make them into the correct shape. These things give the impression of the entire artwork in this stunning style.

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