how to draw an anime character

In this easy drawing guide, The team at will teach you what to draw an animation character. This guideline will offer the basic guide to drawing an anime character.

how to draw an anime character

For the first step start, set before you the art materials you love regardless of whether you’re using drawing with a pencil using paper or a graphic tablet. If all is set you can go to the bottom of this page and continue reading the article about drawing the character of an anime.


Step 1

Begin by creating the Skeleton. The chest, head, and pelvis are shown in the shape of ovals. Connect these parts using one simple line. With four lines, you can illustrate the limbs.




Step 2

Two lines that intersect at the center of the head assist in further illustrating the face. After that connect the head with the rib cage, and connect the rib cage with the pelvis.




Step 3.

Utilize the balls to make joints, like those artists from ED created them. Then, you can draw the rest of the parts of the legs and arms by creating a cylinder. Don’t forget to draw your feet and palms.




Step 4

Then draw eyes and a smudge of the nose and a smiley mouth. The form and arrangement of these features might differ slightly from the drawing the artists from did.




Step 5

Let’s depict hair using many lines. Hair naturally can look very different from the work of the artists from have drawn.




Step 6

The neck is the most important part of your attire. design an elongated collar. On the arms, draw the folds of a shirt and then a belt to the waist. Don’t forget to draw folds on the shirt similar to the artist of




Step 7

We can now begin making our characters in anime look stunning and clear. To begin, grab an eraser, then wipe the outline of the head. Trace the outline using a darker pencil or ink.




Step 8

Do the same, however, with the torso and arms. Use an eraser to take away the lines from the arms and torso and then trace these areas using ink or dark pencil.




Step 9

Then, repeat the process as above, but using at the base of your character sketch. Additionally, use an eraser to clean off any remaining guidelines, and then trace legs with a dark pencil or ink.




Step 10

Let’s draw the character from anime right now. You can choose to paint the character using the color palette suggested by the artists at or draw the character from anime in any color you like.




The guideline on drawing an anime character is coming to an end and now is the time to make your comments and suggestions. We are looking at your kind (or perhaps not so kind) remarks in the comments section of this article. We will read all of your comments and we respond to lots of them.

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