how to draw a unicorn head

If you’ve landed on this page, it is likely, that you’re looking to learn what it takes to draw a head of a unicorn. It is important to note that the unicorn is actually it is an animal sporting a head with a hairy horn that is located in the middle of the front. The unicorn is like Pegasus.

how to draw a unicorn head

In one way or another, we can prepare our favorite art materials, look through this page and learn how to draw unicorns.


Step 1

The first step is to draw the head as a ball of simple form, with the neck being a simple line. This is the basis upon which we’ll draw every feature.




Step 2

Then, using this modified geometric figure depict the muzzle. The nostrils and mouth should be obvious.




Step 3

Let’s now show a stunning unicorn hairstyle. With long curving lines, draw curls of hair that hang from the head.




Step 4

We’ll now look at the second part of our gorgeous hairstyle. We also employ elongated lines and winding lines to represent the mane.




Step 5

Now let’s draw the most important aspect that separates this animal from the ordinary horse. We’re talking about the horn. After this phase, sketch the ears.




Step 6

This is probably one of the easiest steps in the guide on drawing the unicorn. We will have to depict the eye and nostrils.




Step 7

Now we must draw our unicorn in a way that is neat and stunning. To do this, wash off the guidelines, then trace the drawing using really clean and sharp lines.




Step 8

Let’s now give the unicorn’s horn some texture by drawing the lines in a series that are slanted. The next step is to depict the smiley mouth of this mythological creature.




Step 9

In the current stage of the tutorial on the drawing of a unicorn, we need to create an appearance that is more realistic. For this, we need to draw an array of curly and long hairlines.




Step 10

If you’ve done everything correctly the drawing of the unicorn in this stage should look like this:




Step 11

Let’s now paint the head of the unicorn. We chose to paint it with shades of lighter purple. It is a delicate color that is suitable for unicorns. However, your beloved readers on are able to use the other colors.




Seven easy steps to follow and the team at is hoping that by now you are able to draw a unicorn’s head. We can just wait for your feedback and suggestions. What else do you want to draw? Do you enjoy drawing fantastical creatures? What do you like and don’t like about Tell us your thoughts about it, since your feedback is important to us.

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