How To Draw A TV

Television has provided entertainment for billions of people around the globe over the years.

How To Draw A TV

It’s easy to see that there is a TV show for everyone.

There are many options for TVs. You can choose from different sizes, shapes and types. It can be very fun to learn how draw TVs and create your own variations.

How To Draw A TV Step-By-Step

1st Step:

This guide will show you how to draw a TV. It will make it easier to draw the following steps and this one.

2nd Step:

The frame is complete but the TV would not be as useful without a screen for viewing your favorite shows.

3rd Step:

Modern TVs can be controlled with smartphones or remote controls. But back then, you had to stand up to change the volume or channel on the TV.

4th Step:

In the previous step, we mentioned buttons for the TV. Now we will add them to your TV drawing.

5th Step:

This section of will show you how to draw a TV. You’ll be adding the final touches and finishing it off with colors!

6th Step:

This is the last step in this TV drawing. Now you can add some amazing colors.

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